About Audio Visual and Video Conferencing Room Acoustics

Audio-visual and video-conferencing systems installed in rooms with lots of hard surfaces always result in compromised sound quality, leading to poor speech intelligibility and a breakdown in communication.

Conference room acoustics are commonly overlooked, and AV/VC equipment in the room is often blamed by the users instead of the real problem being addressed – the lack of sound absorbing surfaces. Businesses spend thousands of pounds on installing AV/VC equipment, and will blame the equipment when it delivers unsatisfactory audio quality. If the acoustics in the room are not up to standard, there is literally nothing that can be done to the equipment itself to mitigate the sound issues. With carefully placed sound absorbing materials, sound can be effectively absorbed, lowering excessive noise and enabling clear, effective communication.

But it’s not just the tangible audio quality that is affected. The most common complaint in the office working environment is about noise and more specifically, acoustic comfort. Spaces where acoustics have been considered, and a suitable system has been installed to meet the requirements of the space, see a marked increase in productivity. For more information about the impact of noise on employees, read our blog article.

At Resonics, we have a rich history of treating conference and telepresence rooms in accordance with strict acoustic standards set by the World’s leading networking providers. CISCO’s guidelines for video conferencing room acoustics explain best why acoustics in video conferencing rooms are important.

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Lengthy reverberation time is the main contributor to suboptimal acoustical conditions in conference rooms. Echo reduces call quality and obscurs spoken words, hampering good commuication.

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Privacy in open-plan offices is critical, especially when discreet conversations need to take place. Our sound masking systems ensure that workers can have private conversations without being overheard by colleagues.

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Excessive noise in an office is directly linked to lowered productivity and morale. Acoustics are an important consideration for office designers if employers want a productive workforce

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The Benefit of Good Acoustics in AV/VC Rooms

Communication is key in AV/VC rooms as they are often spaces used for important meetings and presentations. Therefore good sound absorbing room acoustics are important  to ensure that room users can hear and understand each other.
Work and discussions taking place in AV/VC rooms often require a lot of concentration. Therefore good sound insulation is important to ensure sound from outside spaces does not travel into the meeting room.
Privacy is often important in AV/VC spaces when confidential discussion are taking place. Materials that block and absorb sound ensure room users can have private conversations without being overheard by people outside the room.


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