Our Product Range

The Resonics product range has continued to grow and extend over the years, as new and exciting products have been launched into the market. The demand for acoustic solutions has increased dramatically over the last decade, with consumers becoming more aware of the impact acoustic comfort can have on productivity and overall success.

Our team of experienced acoustic specialists assess each space on its merits, and will design a system that will deal with the noise issues within your specific area. We will always only quote for what you need to fix the problem, quickly and easily.

We maintain close working relationships with the leading global acoustic product manufacturers to ensure that we provide high quality, high-performance products. Our varied range means we offer acoustic solutions for all needs and budgets.

Not all acoustic panels are the same – each targeting different sound frequencies and serving different aesthetic purposes for interiors. The wide range of panels offered by the various manufacturers we work with means that we can advise you on the best looking and sounding panels for your space. No matter what your requirements, we will tailor-make a solution to meed your needs.

We also specialise in sound masking design and installation, specifically within commercial and open plan offices where noise levels are high. We work with Soft dB, one of the worlds best sound masking system manufacturers, to provide the best sound masking solutions available in the UK.

Browse our product range below:

Why Quality Products Matter

It is important to the success of an acoustic installation that the correct products are specified, and that perform as they should do. We only work with manufacturers that carry out independent laboratory acoustic testing on their products – so we can be certain that solutions achieve our clients acoustic goals. Our team specialise in the CAD design of systems to suit your space and needs.

Acoustic Ceiling Panels/Rafts

We offer a huge range of acoustic ceiling products, ranging from hanging cloud style panels to slatted acoustic rafts.

Stretched Fabric

FabricWall from Resonics is a site-fabricated stretched fabric acoustic wall solutions that not only look fantastic, but provide amazing sound absorption too.

Textured/3D Acoustic Panels

There is a huge range of textured acoustic panels available from various suppliers across Europe.

Sound Masking Systems

We work directly with Soft dB to design, install and calibrate sound masking systems for your space.

Timber Acoustic Panels

We offer a unique selection of timber acoustic wall panels, which give a homely and warm feel to any space.

acoustic screens in office

Acoustic Screens

Acoustic screens are a flexible way of ensuring comfort and privacy whilst also providing movable partitions that can offer effective space organisation.

Print Wall Stretched Fabric

FabricWall’s PrintWall is a site-built stretched fabric wall system that offers the added element of showcasing custom printed pieces of art, graphics and branding.

Industrial Acoustic Products

We supply and install a range of acoustic products that are ideal for use tackling occupational noise in demanding environments such as factories, warehouses, industrial kitchens and healthcare.

Acoustic Ceiling Systems

Acoustic panel systems are a cost-effective way of providing fantastic sound absorption across a whole ceiling area.