About Our Range Of Acoustic Panels

We supply and install the widest range of acoustic panels in the UK. Our in-house team of highly skilled consultants, designers and installers work with you to choose the right solution to tackle noise and echo. From decorative acoustic wall panels that serve as feature pieces, or discreet sound absorbing solutions tucked out of sight, our solutions cover the full spectrum of interior acoustics.

Whether your focus is aesthetics, functionality, budget or quality, you will find what you need in our range of acoustic panels. How do acoustic panels work? >>

Our Service Promise

We will undertake a full assessment of your space and advise you on the most effective treatments for your specific problem. We will also make a full acoustic assessment after our treatment is complete.

Our design-led focus means we will make your room look and sound better. We will provide detailed CAD drawings of your space so you can see how our solutions complement your design objectives.

Our highly skilled fitters are experienced in the installation of every acoustic system we offer on this website. Our fitters have years’ of experience meaning we welcome even the most complex installations.

Panel Categories

baux pixel acoustic panels

Acoustic Wall Panels

We offer the widest range of sound absorbing wall panel products in the country, from functional, to high-end, meaning you’ll be able to find a solution that suits your interior and budget. 

suspended acoustic panels in office

Hanging Acoustic Panels

Hanging Panels provide excellent scope for a variety of design solutions, they absorb sound on all sides making them one of the most effective sound treatments available. 

fabricwall acoustic panels in meeting room

Stretched Systems

Stretched Systems are site-manufactured acoustic systems combining high quality sound absorbing materials and a stretched fabric surface for a high quality decorative finish and amazing sound absorption. 

Printed acoustic wall panels

Printed Acoustic Panels

A great way to combine your sound control solutions with pieces of art, graphics and branding. Customise your acoustic treatment and create a stunning feature whilst solving a problem.

offecct wall panels

Textured Wall Panels

Combine aesthetics and performance with Textured Wall Panels. Our panels range combines the best in sound deadening material and textured finished that creates an architectural feature, whilst enhancing the soundscape of any space.

acoustic screens in office

Acoustic Screens

We specialise in the design, supply and installation of acoustic screens. Screens are a unique way to create partitioning that has the added benefit of blocking sound between spaces and people.

Help Choosing The Right Panels

The plethora of acoustic panelling options on the market means there are solutions that are sure to meet the demands of any space or project.

  • Printable

    We offer printing across Ecophon’s Akusto and Solo ranges, as well as our own Print Wall site manufactured system. We use the latest UV cured ink printing technology, which gives stunning resolution without compromising acoustic performance.

  • Impact Resistance

    Fixing acoustic panels flush to walls can offer impact resistance. When finished or coated with the right material, which protects the sound absorbing, some wall panels can be perfect for environments where impact is inevitable.  Super G from Ecophon Fabric Wall are both impact resistant perfect for gymnasiums, swimming pools or village halls where sports and other physical activites take place.

  • Self Installation

    While most acoustic applications require professional installers, we offer a number of panels that can be installed by the end-user. The Soundwave range from Swedish manufacturer Offecct is a lightweight range of easy-to-install high frequency absorbers. Additionally, other manufacturers such as BAUX also offer self-installation & printing.

  • Fabric

    Fabrics are usually highly porous, and therefore most fabrics perform well as surface finishes for acoustic products. This is because they allow the passage of sound to the acoustic core of the given product. Buzzispace and Offecct both come as pre-manufactured panels with their own fabric finishes. Additionally, Fabric Wall offers more flexibility with the option of using your own chosen fabric.

  • Wood

    Swedish manufacturers BAUX offers a novel acoustic wall solution that combines wood wool, cement and water for a wall solution like no other.

  • Wall Applications

    Sound absorbing wall products are fixed flush with the wall to prevent damage from impact. Therefore, sound absorbing wall applications usually have a lower absorption coefficient than hanging ceiling panels, which are afforded an air gap behind the panel. However, unlike ceiling panels, wall panels have been given a greater aesthetic consideration by manufacturers and are available in more finish options and colours than ceiling panels. Consequently, acoustic wall applications are ideal for offices with exposed service ceilings and which require an aesthetic solution to match the design of the office.

    Wall panels are also perfect for spaces where acoustic solutions must be discreet and blend into existing infrastructure, such as restaurants. Fabric Wall is a great example of this. Having no exposed track, the solution looks like a fabric covered plasterboard wall, with the added benefit of absorbing sound.

  • Acoustic ceiling panels

    Hanging panels are commonly suspended from the ceiling, with a gap between the panel and the soffit. Therefore, ceiling panels are perfect for spaces with busy wall services, or where minimalist and bare walls must be retained. An added benefit of hanging panels is the ability to absorb sound on all sides, thus making them an extremely effective acoustic solution. Furthermore, acoustic baffles are ideal for busy ceilings where light fittings and heating systems shouldn’t be blocked. Panels and baffles can be used in a wide range of room types – they look great in restaurants and bars but can also provide practical acoustic absorption in meeting rooms and classrooms.