Timber Acoustic Panels For Walls & Ceilings

We offer a wide range of timber acoustic wall panel products. Timber slatted, perforated and fully customised to give the exact look and feel you are looking for. We can adjust custom perforations and slat openings, along with the acoustic absorption behind the face to meet the acoustic requirements of your space. Acoustic wood panelling adds a natural look and feel to your space.

Our Service Promise

We will undertake a full survey and measure of your space and advise you on the most effective treatments for your specific problem. We will also make a full acoustic assessment after our treatment is complete.

Our design-led focus means we will make your room look and sound better. We will provide detailed CAD drawings of your space so you can see how our solutions complement your design objectives.

Our highly skilled fitters are experienced in the installation of every acoustic system we offer on this website. Our fitters have years’ of experience meaning we welcome even the most complex installations.

We are always on the hunt for new and exciting products that solve acoustic issues within different spaces. Hard flooring surfaces such as concrete and hardwood timber have become increasingly popular, and they pose some serious acoustic challenges.

Timber acoustic panels offer a truly unique design element to the space, adding warmth whilst offering Class A sound absorption. The timber finishes add a raw and rustic look that blends well with minimalist decor. If you are on the hunt for a cure for an acoustic issue, Lignosi Timber Wall Panels could be a simple yet stunning solution.

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Timber Acoustic Panels - Supplied & Installed

We provide free quotations for the supply and installation of a wide range of timber acoustic panel systems, including fully bespoke solutions. Get in contact for a budget quotation and design for any solution.

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