Resilient Acoustic Panels For Noisy Sports Halls

Sports halls acoustics can be particularly harsh. Sports halls and gymnasiums spaces are normally oversized, hollow and comprised of durable, yet hard and reflective surfaces. The result is an echo chamber of harsh noise, with reverberation times that can easily reach over 5 seconds. Throw into the mix large crowds, a highly vocal environment and intense sporting activity and you can have a very hostile sound environment. Poor sports hall acoustics can mean that instructors are unable to be heard, personal training sessions can lack privacy, and an unfriendly user environment is created. Additional challenges are posed to school sports halls, which must meet strict BB93 compliance guidelines and should create acoustic comfort for a multitude of uses – assemblies, plays and exams etc.

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Design of Sports halls is usually undertaken with little or no consideration given to the importance of acoustics. These spaces are made to be durable to accommodate a range of sporting activities. The resulting rooms are large and hollow; with hard surfaces that reflect noise sharply.

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Hard, impact resistant materials (concrete, drywall, wood and brick) are commonly used in the construction of sports halls. These materials can only absorb around 5% of sound, meaning that surplus noise is reflected between the floor, ceiling and other hard surfaces before dying off. Testings of sports hall acoustics has found that reverberation time can be as high as 10 seconds.

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Slapback Echo

With no absorption, the slapback echo in a sports hall can make it extremely uncomfortable for all, especially those with hearing issues.

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How Do Wall & Ceiling Panels Work In Sports Halls?

The most simple and cost effective way to reduce noise in a sports hall is through the installation of sports hall acoustic wall panels or ceiling panels. The correct concentration and placement of panels minimises the number of hard, reverberant surfaces in sports halls and can trap up to 90% of background noise. Depending on the size, design and pre-existing noise environment of the sports hall in question, a bespoke acoustic panelling solution should be installed.

  • Resonics offers a free assessment survey of your space that includes a calculation of the reverberation time in the room. This will help determine the correct materials – and their distribution and quantity – needed in order to deliver the perfect sound environment.
  • The tailored installation will capture the correct amount of reverberant noise to the acceptable level of below 1.5 seconds for sports halls. Acoustic wall panels and ceiling panels in sports halls muffle noise upon impact, reducing the ability of sound waves to reach other reverberant surfaces and extend reverberation time.
  • The result is restored auditory clarity. The installation may call for wall panels to be installed on opposing walls to eliminate the possibility of slapback echoes travelling through dead space.

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