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Acoustic Artwork Solutions

Printed Acoustic Panels are by far the best way to combine your sound control solutions with pieces of art, graphics and branding. We offer the very highest quality custom printed wall solutions available anywhere. We have developed the most successful methods of printing onto acoustic fabrics and panels, whilst also retaining the highest acoustical performance. Using the very latest printing techniques, we can create framed or frameless acoustic panel artwork to virtually any size.

Our solutions don’t compromise on sound absorption either – our products provide up to 90% sound absorption (Class A sound absorption).

Why Acoustic Artwork

Printed acoustic products combine the best in aesthetically-pleasing artwork and acoustic technology. Perfect for office environments, acoustic artwork can add vibrance to spaces while helping achieve acoustic comfort.
Our printed acoustics are achieved using UV cured ink printers, printed directly onto panels using the latest and best print head technology delivering the finest dot print.
We offer printed artwork on impact resistant acoustic panels, perfect for school halls where branding opportunities need to be met with functionality.
  • Perfect for noisy office environments wanting added vibrancy.
  • Latest print-head technology on the market.
  • UV-cured ink means longest image-life on the market.
  • Available as impact resistant panelling – perfect for sports halls.
  • Combine branding opportunities with acoustic technology.
  • Up top 90% sound absorbing coefficient. 

Acoustic Artwork Products