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Industrial Acoustics For Worker Health & Safety

The industrial sector is one of the most common areas where noise is a problem. Factory and manufacturing environments are generally large, comprised of hard surfaces and high ceilings; and contain production equipment that emit a large amount of harsh noise. These factors combine to make industrial acoustics often uncomfortable and harmful. With loud noises from machinery amplified by highly reflective surfaces, industrial noise can be a serious issue that not only affects the wellbeing of staff, but one that is likely to breach health & safety regulations.

  Strict regulations are set by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure that workers’ hearing is protected from excessive desibel levels. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 limit 85 decibels as the level at which employers must provide hearing protection and hearing protection zones to workers, and 80 decibels the level at which employers must assess the risk to workers’ health and provide them with information and training. Without acoustic treatments, manufacturing settings are particularly susceptible to noise surpassing these levels.

dB (A)

  • 80 daily or weekly sound pressure peak of 135dB
  • 85 daily or weekly sound pressure of 137 dB

HSE Set Limit Levels

  • Employers must assess risk to workers’ health and provide training.
  • Level at which employers must provide direct protection to workers.
Temporary loss of hearing, permanent loss of hearing, acoustic trauma and tinnitus are all forms of hearing trauma caused by prolonged exposure or sudden bursts of very loud noise at work. If an employee suffers from any form of acoustic trauma, an employer could not only be found to be in breach of HSE guidelines but they could also be liable to compensation claims from the employee. Both are potentially damaging financially and reputation-wise.

Industrial Deafness: The New Whiplash” description=”Insurance companies are becoming increasingly aware of the sharp rise in industrial deafness claims over the last decade. In the two years to 2012, the UK’s top three insurers, RSA, Zurich and Aviva, each reported an overall average increase of 33% in industrial deafness claims, with the phenomenon being dubbed the new ‘whiplash‘. (‘This Is Money, 30 August 2014)”]

  • As well as the risk of permanent hearing damage, excessive decibel levels in the workplace can cause a range of health and wellbeing issues for employees. In cases where hearing protection must be worn, feelings of isolation and discomfort are often reported. Excessive noise on a constant basis also causes fatigue and stress which in turn increases staff turnover and sick-leave – both of which have a negative effect on profitability.
  • Clear communication between staff and the ability to hear important announcements are implicit in providing a safe working environment. Many industrial work settings present a higher number of safety risks due to the machinery and tools required to undertake work in these environments. Therefore it’s even more crucial in these settings that acoustic controls are in place to allow for effective communication.
  • The fatigue and lack of centration that excessive noise causes undoubtedly has an effect on workplace productivity.  Add to this poor communication, high staff turnover, persistent cases of sick leave and stress and together you have a recipe for an unproductive work environment where poor acoustics has become an environmental stress.

What do Resonics’ products offer?

Fabric Wall Acoustic Panel

Sound Absorption

One of the key features to all industrial acoustics solutions is the need for high levels of sound absorption across large areas. Manufacturing generally produces large amounts of noise so acoustic products used in industry settings always need to have a Class A acoustic rating to provide adequate sound absorption.
Industrial Acoustixs Panel


Impact Resistance is a prerequisite in a high number of manufacturing settings. Others require an acoustic solution that can withstand high temperatures, humidity, chemicals contaminants, biological contaminants (e.g. grease, proteins) or physical contaminants (e.g. dust. Soot).

Hygiene and Cleanability

Many factories that produce or package food, drink or medical supplies need to meet exceptional hygiene standards. In these cases acoustic materials need to be able to withstand aggressive cleaning methods or pressure washing.

Our Work In Industrial Settings

Why Choose Us

  • Our acoustic survey, full design and no obligation quotation service is completely free of charge throughout the UK.
  • We focus on design, creating innovative, visually pleasing installations.
  • Our noise assessment and design process ensures we specify the exact quantity of acoustic treatment required. Ensuring there is little waste and our customers are not over spending.
  • We work closely with the leading acoustic product manufacturers to get the best prices for our customers.
  • Our installers have a wealth of experience and knowledge meaning they can install even the most complex of acoustic systems.

What Clients Say

It has made a huge difference for both the dining hall and the gym. Everyone loves it – especially the teachers!!
Chantelle, Langford Primary School
The Resonics installation at The Glebe Centre was completed courteously, efficiently, on time and to budget. The improvement was immediately obvious.
John, All Saints Church
Thank you. I am delighted with the quality of the work. The final solution, attitude and communication were excellent.
Adrian Allen, AKA
We are absolutely delighted with the work! What a difference to the acoustics of the hall – so much better! 
Dianne, Drummuir Village Hall, Scotland
We are delighted with the work and attention to detail – especially in designing an interesting and aesthetic layout. There is also, of course, a considerable improvement in acoustic performance.
Jim, Desford Community Hall
Thank you very much for your work it has made a vast amount of difference to the atmosphere and means quite a lot of people can work in the same room without annoying each other
Anne, Longhurst Group
The panels have made a significant difference to the noise level in the restaurant and we have had lots of positive feedback from customers. I would like to thank you and your team for providing this solution and the high level of service.
Anna, Brodie Country Fair Restaurant

We offer a free survey and quotation service for manufacturing and industrial spaces. Contact us to get a quote or to arrange a free-of-charge acoustic survey and consultation.

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