Industrial Acoustics For Worker Health & Safety

The industrial sector is one of the most common areas where noise is a problem. Factory and manufacturing environments are generally large, comprised of hard surfaces and high ceilings; and contain production equipment that emit a large amount of harsh noise. These factors combine to make industrial acoustics often uncomfortable and harmful. With loud noises from machinery amplified by highly reflective surfaces, industrial noise can be a serious issue that not only affects the wellbeing of staff, but one that is likely to breach health & safety regulations.

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Strict regulations are set by The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to ensure that workers’ hearing is protected from excessive decibel levels.

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Industrial Deafness

Temporary or permanent loss of hearing, acoustic trauma and tinnitus are all forms of hearing damage caused by prolonged or sudden exposure to loud noise at work.

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Fatigue and the inability to concentrate are all effects experienced in an excessively noisy environment and ultimately lead to drops in productivity

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