The Resonics Story

Comfortable, not just beautiful, interiors.

At Resonics, we believe that every architectural space, at heart, should be comfortable and inviting for its users. In the last decade a new age of commercial interior design has been ushered in – the older, softer, warmer spaces have been replaced with slick, austere, minimalist designs. Incorporating exposed concrete soffits, more glass, stone, wood and metal than ever before. This new trend, as beautiful as it can look, has often forgotten the most important thing in architecture: the users. Our aim is to help create spaces that are beautifully modern but at the same time quiet, comfortable and calming for the people that inhabit them. We are truly passionate about the benefits of good acoustics.

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Our Founding

In 2009, two childhood friends from Kent began to notice that something was being neglected in modern commercial interiors: acoustics. Working together for years in the office fit out industry, Matthew Bullen and Rupert Nahum embarked on a mission to put user comfort at the centre of commercial interiors. In January 2014 Resonics was formed – the UK’s first comprehensive acoustic installation company – with the intention of creating interior environments that are quieter, calmer and more productive.

Early Years

Resonics’ early years were spent in Matthew’s make-shift office in his own loft. With barely enough room for the two of them, it is from here that Matthew and Rupert oversaw a handful of acoustic projects – acting as sales assistants, surveyors and designers. Our early projects were focused on creating acoustic clarity in office spaces, primarily. In later years Resonics was to grow to treat the full spectrum of commercial interiors, along with schools, auditoriums, village halls, restaurants, residential – you name a space. We’ve seen that every interior space can, and does, suffer from poor acoustics.

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autex acoustic baffles in yellow

Growth & Change

From a residence in Kent, to Greenwich, London, as Resonics moved, so have we grown. In 2015 we moved into a larger office in Greenwich and took on full-time installers as we realised the ongoing and long-term need for acoustic solutions in modern commercial spaces.

The Acoustics Industry Grows

As Resonics has grown, so has the world of acoustics as new manufacturers and companies have sprouted up as the need for healthier, quieter spaces has become more recognised. From our early years working with only a handful of manufacturers, we have since established long-lasting relationships with the acoustic industry’s long-standing manufacturers such as Ecophon and Autex, as well as nascent companies such as BAUX.

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Where Are We Now?

From two friends working in an apartment loft to 19 full-time employees, Resonics has grown unprecedentedly. From Greenwich we have moved to a larger, open-plan office in nearby Deptford. Our work has seen us take on increasingly large contracts and projects. We have completed over 6000 successful acoustic installations across the UK and in Europe, helping add acoustic comfort to offices, restaurants, warehouses, schools, village halls and beyond. Recently, we have partnered with Soft dB to deliver sound masking projects across the UK, as part of our commitment to creating comfortable, happy and healthy spaces in which to work, socialise and relax. We continue to strive for excellence at the forefront of acoustic design.

Meet Our Team

Rupert Nahum
Rupert NahumCompany Director
Matthew Bullen
Matthew BullenCompany Director
Gary Brown
Gary BrownSenior Financial Controller
Anthony Lee
Anthony LeeEstimating Director
Adam Johnson
Adam JohnsonSenior Estimator
Jake Matthews
Jake MatthewsSenior Estimator
Michael Holbrook
Michael HolbrookProjects Director
Jimmy Comer
Jimmy ComerSenior Project Manager
Laura Papakova
Laura PapakovaOffice Manager/Document Controller
Ben McDonnell
Ben McDonnell Project Manager
Fraser Pollock
Fraser PollockSenior Estimator
Mark Irwin
Mark IrwinMarketing Manager
Lucinda Case
Lucinda CaseFinancial Controller
Michel Ajayi
Michel AjayiProject Manager
Arif Ahmed
Arif AhmedEstimator
Tom Rawlings
Tom RawlingsEstimator
Joey Andraos
Joey AndraosEstimator
Richard Andrade
Richard AndradeProject Manager
Trevor Smith
Trevor SmithProjects Coordinator