There are an abundance of sound absorbers currently on the market, and depending on our clients’ individual needs and budget, we are likely to recommend any one of the tried and tested products available in our product catalogue. But there are some panels that we use more than others and some that are fantastic when it comes to certain criteria. Here is our Top 10 list of panels that tick the boxes for some or most of the criteria below.

  • Effectiveness or sound absorbency rating
  • Aesthetics
  • Quality
  • Ease of installation
  • Durability
  • Value for money

ecophon_akusto_acoustic_panelEcophon Akusto Wall Panel C Probably one of the best-known panels on the market, Ecophon’s Akusto C wall panel is unparalleled when it comes to effectiveness, reliability and versatility. This Class A sound absorbing wall panelling system is incredibly effective at absorbing sound. The visible surface is available in a range of fabrics, colours and patterns meaning it is aesthetically versatile enough to be used in a wide range of spaces including restaurants, classrooms and offices. Fabric_Wall_acoustic_panel_stretched_red_2Fabric Wall If quality, flexibility and style are key to your solution, then a FabricWall stretched fabric system is the way to go. This Floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall stretched fabric system is incredibly flexible when it comes to installation. Site-built by specialist installers, the FabricWall track system can be formed to different shapes, curved to follow radius walls or designed to incorporate any services such as sockets and switches. Class A sound absorbency can be achieved with a 50mm core. The range of fabric finishes is enormous – FabricWall solutions can be designed to blend with any décor or created as a feature wall – meaning it’s also a visually versatile option. Texaa_stereo_acoustic_panel
Fabric_Wall_Acoustic_Panel_Printed_ClassicPrintWall Custom Printed Panels Gone are the days when printing would compromise the performance of sound-transparent fabrics. Using the very latest printing techniques, FabricWall’s PrintWall can create artwork to virtually any size, whilst also retaining the highest sound absorption coefficient. Combining up to 90% sound absorption with high quality art, branding or marketing; custom printed panels are excellent for branding spaces or making feature walls in public areas. Offecct_soundwave_acoustic_panelOffecct Soundwave Offecct Soundwave panels are some of the most aesthetically pleasing panels on the market. Undoubtedly one of the best design-led solutions we offer, Soundwave panels are an excellent way of providing sound absorbing treatment to spaces whilst creating an excellent feature. Available in a wide range of textures ranging from the beautiful Flo to the quirky Scrunch, these panels are ideal for spaces where design is key. Ecophon_super_g_acoustic_Wall_panelEcophon Super G Super G panels provide a great solution for spaces that demand robustness and strength. The panels are designed with impact resistance in mind, which is why it is our go-to solution for interior projects in sports halls and multipurpose halls where impact occurs on the walls or ceiling surfaces. The Super G wall panelling system also scores highly when it comes to sound absorbency and achieves up to 90% (Class A) sound absorbency. Lesco_Mitesco_wall_panelsAbstracta airflake panel in whiteAbstracta Airflake We love working with this paneling system when the brief is to make a room look unique and fantastic. Created by the award winning Swedish design company Abstracta, the Airflake system is a modular paneling system made up of hexagonal shaped components that are clipped together to make up simple yet stylish panels and partitions. Available in 7 colours that can be freely combined to create endless amount of design options, this is one of the most beautiful solutions on the market.  So these are just 10 of the many panel products that are on the market. What’s important to consider when choosing the right product for any space is what the project requirements are and how these products can work to fit the specification. What’s fantastic is that with so much choice, there’s always a perfect panel product that we can recommend.