Soft dB SMS-HDN Speaker

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About Soft DB SMS-SURF5 Speaker The SMS-HDN is a unique speaker that converts gypsum boards and ceiling tiles into loudspeakers by vibration. An innovative alternative to traditional sound masking speakers, the SMS-HDN sits in the ceiling void away from eyesight and uses ceiling tiles to project and distribute sound. The benefit of using a vibration-exciter speaker is that unlike direct-field speakers it does not create acoustical 'hot spots'. Instead, it diffuses and distributes sound evenly throughout a given space. The result [...]

Soft dB SMS-VIBX Speaker

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About The SMS-VIBX Sound Masking Speaker The SMS-VIBX speaker is similar to the SMS-HDN as it is able to turn surface finishes into their very own speaker. The speaker is able to generate the optimal sound masking spectrum through a wall or ceiling. Fixed to plasterboard or gypsum board, the VIBX vibrates the surface which then uniformly transmits sound into the environment VIBX can be used within a wall partition, or within the ceiling void. The main benefit of [...]

Soft dB ‘Deep’ Sound Masking Machine

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About The Soft dB Deep Sound Masking Machine Ambient Sound Machine & Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Combined Better sleep at night and focus at work await you—along with your favorite music played wirelessly with premium sound quality. This is meant to be the last ambient sound machine you'll ever need, neatly bundled into a compact Bluetooth speaker that packs a punch. Deep Was Created for You As a simple sound machine for better sleep and focus, Deep includes the relaxing [...]

Soft dB SMS-STR Speaker

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About The SMS-STR Sound Masking Speaker Soft dB's SMS-STR speaker is a versatile sound masking device that is perfect for typical office environments. Typically suspended from the ceiling, the speaker project sound upwards, using the ceiling to then reflect and evenly diffuse the sound throughout the space. It is typically used with exposed soffit ceilings, but can also be installed in the ceiling void. It comes in either white or black and is made of 19gauge steel. [...]

Soft dB SMS-Direct Speaker

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About The SMS-Direct Loudspeaker Soft dB's SMS-Direct is a versatile sound masking speaker that is designed to match a range of ceiling conditions. Fixed to the ceiling through screw terminals, the speaker can pivot on its hanger to meet directional requirements. The speaker measure at 18cm x 18cm x 29cm and comes in black or white. At A Glance Made to match different ceiling requirements Black or white Fireproof ABS plastic 92dB sensitivity [...]

Soft dB SMS-Flat Speaker

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About The SMS-Flat Compact Speaker The SMS-Flat speaker is designed for compact spaces requiring a compact field of sound masking. The speaker has a dipole configuration, which means that it can evenly distribute sound throughout the space on its own, without having to be supplemented by additional speakers. A compact speaker measuring at 2.5cm x 10cm, it can sit under a desk, in the corner of a meeting room, or in utility rooms and work as an extremely effective [...]

Soft dB SMS-SURF4 Speaker

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About Soft DB SMS-SURF4 Speaker The SMS-SURF4 speaker is a sound masking speaker designed to be recessed into a ceiling. It is ideal for office spaces with drop ceilings, or plasterboard ceilings in which the speaker can be recessed. The SURF4 is a direct speaker, projecting sound directly into the environment, unlike other speakers that diffuse sound by reflecting it off room surfaces. At A Glance Designed to be recessed 88 dB sensitivity 12.5cm [...]