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Soft dB SMS Sensor

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Sound Masking System Active Volume Control Sensor Soft dB's SMS Sensor is the driving force behind Soft dB's unique and patented real-time adaptive volume control. The SMS-SEN active volume control sensor is used to adjust the masking sound volume based on the ambient noise activity level. To achieve a uniform, tailored sound making the sensor uses an advanced signal processing technique that is able to distinguish the noise activity in the room from the sound masking noise. The level of the [...]


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SMS-VKNB Volume Control Knob The SMS-VKNB complements the smartSMS-NET controllers, which all come equipped with two inputs volume control knobs which can control sound masking and/or music. The SMS-VKNB volume knob interfaces directly with the smartSMS-NET controller. In comes in white, black or almond. At A Glance Sound masking / music control White, black or almond Screw fixing Up to 2 per controller Download SMS-VKNB Data Sheet