Soft dB RLCTL-8ch Controller

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About Soft DB RLCTL-8ch Controller Soft dB's RLCTL-8ch controller is the most powerful controller in the range. With a max output of 700 speakers, it is ideal for enterprises looking for extensive sound masking solutions. RLCTL-8ch is rack-mountable, typically sitting in a server room. An external amplifier can be used in conjunction with the controller, affording a max of 75 speakers per channel. Without an external amplifier, the system can hold 30 speakers per channel, allowing a total of [...]

Soft dB RL200-P-8ch Controller

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About Soft DB RL200-P-8ch Controller The RL200-P-8ch sound masking controller is one of Soft dB's most powerful and advanced devices. With eight output channels and 30 speakers per channel, the controller affords around 200 controllers per unit. It also includes eight output channels for volume control sensors - allowing users to create large sound masking projects with real-time adaptive volume adjustment. At A Glance Up to 200 speakers 8 outputs channels for sensors 2 [...]

Soft dB RL120-4ch Controller

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RL120 Controller Details The Soft dB RL120-4ch Controller is an advanced sound masking controller that affords a total of 120 speakers per controller. It is a stand alone unit meaning it does not require secondary units to expand out the sound masking project. The controller includes a high-power amplifier providing 88 dBA at 1m steps. It also features 4 inputs for active volume control sensors - affording real-time adaptive sound masking across large spaces. RL120 Key Features [...]

Soft dB ML12-2ch Controller

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About The ML12-2ch Stand Alone Controller The Soft dB ML12-2ch controller is an entry-level sound masking controller that is ideal for small office spaces and other commercial spaces needing less comprehensive sound masking coverage. The controller is a stand alone unit and unlike other Soft dB controllers it is not complemented by a secondary controller. The controller has two output channels, which allow up to six speakers per channel, affording the user a max of 12 speakers overall. The [...]

Soft dB ML24-4ch & SL24-4ch Controller

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About The ML-24-4CH Controller Soft dB's ML24-4ch sound masking controller is an entry-level sound masking device that offers ideal coverage for small to medium sized offices. When used in conjunction with its secondary unit - the SL24-4CH controller, the system can provide wider sound masking coverage. The ML24-4ch can be used on its own or optionally with the secondary unit. Each controller has four outputs and allows six speakers per controller - giving the maximum potential of 24 speakers [...]

Soft dB ML48-8ch SL48-8ch Controller

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About The ML48 Sound Masking Controller The ML48-8ch, SL48-8ch and SL24-8ch controller from Soft-DB is a powerful, versatile and simple sound masking system that is ideal for large office spaces requiring large sound masking projects. The ML48-8ch and SL48-8ch controllers allow for six speakers per output, meaning a total of 48 speakers. The SL24-8ch allows for three speakers per channel, meaning a total of 24 speakers. The system includes volume adjustment at 15-second intervals in 0.1DB steps, providing optimal efficiency and [...]