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Free Assessment

We conduct free assessments of offices and commercial spaces across London & the UK. Our assessment will address issues of speech privacy and ambient noise levels. We will help you achieve optimal acoustics in your space.

Free Assessment

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Supply & Install

We offer a supply & installation service across Rockfon's range of premium quality architectural acoustic products and solutions. Choose from their product offering of wall panels, baffles and screens.

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Rockfon core material is volcanic stone - one of nature's most abundant resources. Ensuring that they have high recycled content, they are long lasting and they can be fully recyclable.

Environment Conscious

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Patented System

Rockfon ceilings use patented technology to create high-quality stone wool ceiling products

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Rockfon Product Range

Rockfon Eclipse

Rockfon Eclipse is an innovative acoustic solution designed for ceiling applications. It’s characterized as a frameless acoustic ceiling island, notable for its excellent sound absorption capabilities, high light reflection, and light diffusion properties. Additionally, the product boasts anti-static features which contribute to its durability. Rockfon Eclipse is available in various shapes, colors, and edge designs, making it versatile for different interior design needs. Its ability to be installed in locations where traditional suspended ceilings are not feasible adds to its appeal.

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Rockfon Artic Ceiling Tiles

Rockfon Artic® is a series of acoustic ceiling tiles and panels known for their high performance, design flexibility, and sustainability. These tiles are particularly praised for their good acoustic properties, making them suitable for a variety of spaces like offices, educational institutions, and retail environments. The tiles are made from stone wool, a material recognized for its sound absorption, fire protection, and humidity resistance capabilities.

Rockfon Blanka

Rockfon Blanka® is a premium range of acoustic ceiling tiles known for its smooth, deep matt, super white surface, which provides high light reflection and light diffusion. These properties contribute significantly to energy savings and create a bright, comfortable indoor environment. The tiles’ non-directional design simplifies installation, saving time and effort. Additionally, the anti-static surface of the tiles offers enhanced durability and resistance to dirt and wear, making them suitable for a variety of indoor environments and projects.

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Rockfon Koral

Rockfon Koral™ is a series of stone wool acoustic ceiling tiles and panels known for blending aesthetics with performance and ease of installation. The tiles feature a lightly textured, painted white surface that provides good sound absorption and high light reflectance. This combination contributes to creating a comfortable acoustic environment while enhancing the aesthetics of the space. In terms of safety and durability, Rockfon Koral offers high fire protection (Class A1) and is resistant to humidity

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