After months of development, we are proud to launch our new website Previously trading under the name ReSpace Acoustics, Resonics will offer the same outstanding services and products but with a new brand name and website.

The launch of the new website will provide a significantly improved online experience for potential customers, clients, architects and contactors. We have spent a considerable amount of time analysing the data from our old website to gain an understanding of what visitors to our site find most important. Our goal with is to ensure that visitors to the site can find the most relevant information easily. Here is a brief overview of what’s new:

Our new Product Catalogue and product pages give in-depth information about products ranges including acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling systems, hanging acoustic panels, stretched fabric systems, textured acoustic panels and printed acoustic products. Every product we offer is listed with information about benefits, colour options and sizes to give you the most information up front before coming to us for more details.

Our Manufacturers Catalogue and manufacturers pages give in-depth information about the manufacturers we work closely with and the products we offer. This means you can look at full ranges and compare and contrast the products that are right for you. We work closely with some of the best known manufacturers in the business including Ecophon, Texaa, Offecct and Soundtect.

Your Space
Many potential clients are in the early stages of looking into their acoustic issues and want to know a little more about why their room has poor acoustics. We designed these pages to give readers an insight into sound behaves in different room types and the projects we’ve worked on to deal with some of these problems. This may give you a little more understanding about the underlying acoustic issues in your space and how we can help to resolve them. We discuss the acoustic challenges 17 different room types including offices, meeting rooms, restaurants, classrooms and village halls.

So have a look and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus page. And of course we are always happy to discuss your acoustic issues and give you more information about what we can do to help – just contact us.