Celebrating 10 Years of Resonics : Words from Matt Bullen

I am proud to say Resonics is 10 years old today, which I think is probably worthy of a rare post.

When we started out in 2009, the need for good room acoustics was often an afterthought, especially in the workplace. Despite the BB93 performance standard for acoustic design in schools published in 2004 – workplace acoustic design wasn’t universally considered an important design factor.

In those early days, we were uncertain whether a business entirely devoted to addressing poor interior acoustics could thrive. However, the need for clear auditory experiences in educational settings continued to grow, and more inquiries flooded in. People sought our expertise to solve issues such as subpar audio-visual performance in meeting rooms, the commotion of open-plan offices, and the discomfort of restaurants and halls plagued by poor acoustics. It became clear that excellent acoustics should and would be an integral part of designing any successful space. So, in 2013, Resonics embarked on a mission to become the premier provider of interior acoustic solutions in the UK.

A decade later, it’s a rarity to find a project where acoustics is not given the attention it deserves. While we continue to address post-fit-out acoustic challenges (given that noise-related concerns persist as a top employee grievance alongside climate), we are now entrusted with delivering acoustics that are seamlessly integrated into the very core of architectural design.

Last year, we successfully completed 765 projects across the UK. We are on track to achieve a remarkable 1,000 projects in 2023. These projects have spanned from modest meeting spaces and community halls to substantial acoustic packages at universities and corporate HQ’s.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped to make Resonics a success over these 10 years. To our growing office staff, who have managed to deliver this many projects and play over 2,500 games of pool this year (yes, we have a league, with every result recorded). We love stats at Resonics.

A massive thank you to our acoustic product manufacturers (over 100 of them). And of course, to our 2,286 customers, so varied, that not a single client accounts for more than 5% of our revenue.

And finally, a huge thanks to our brilliant and loyal installers (50+), many of whom have been with us since day 1 and continue to deliver outstanding work.

As they say, you’re only as good as your last project, we are still learning, growing, and we hope to raise the acoustic bar even higher in the next decade.