Project Description

Acoustics are a special consideration when it comes to swimming pools as it is an imperative that announcements and directions are audible in order to ensure the safety of swimmers and guests. Indoor pools have terrible acoustics, with high ceilings, lots of hard surfaces and of course the water. Sound is amplified as it travels over water, with the sound waves slowing down considerably, generating significant reverberation and excess noise. Without proper acoustic treatment, swimming pools can be a nightmare.

Resonics were consulted to supply and install a comprehensive acoustic solution. This significant job was carefully analyzed by our acoustic team, who designed a system that would absorb as much of the excess noise as possible.

We installed a comprehensive acoustic panelling system Autex Quietspace Cube, a flexible and customisable acoustic product that allows for custom cutting. This complete acoustic solution, combines Autex Vertiface fabric bonded onto a  100% polyester backing. The backing forms the acoustic core of Autex Symphony, a 10mm-12mm needle-punched panel that can absorb a maximum of 90% of noise in the upper frequency bands.We also built a bespoke, Ecophon Solo acoustic ceiling system, using circles to open up the space above. It offers a clean, minimalist look with supreme sound absorption performance. The Solo Circle is an unframed free hanging unit offering a high degree of design possibilities both regarding colours and suspension systems. The ceiling was built and installed in a repeating baffle formation, seamlessly integrating with existing ceiling services.

Additionally, we designed and constructed an aesthetic acoustic spiral within the pool’s cafeteria, which added an eye-catching detail to the space.

The result is a comprehensive and leisure centre acoustics system that created much needed sound absorption to the revamped space.

Project Details

Room Type

Leisure Centre & Swimming Pool


Autex QuietSpace 

Ecophon Solo


Handy Cross, High Wycombe


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