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Project Description

The Problem

Wycombe Leisure Centre in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, is a family leisure centre with a 50-metre competition pool and a 25-metre community pool.

Before our intervention the pools were acoustically live environments, thanks largely to abundance of reflective surfaces in the spaces, such as glass walls, steel ceilings and hard plasterboard walls. The surfaces were creating a lengthy reverberation time and a clamorous environment, where voices and instructions from instructors could be muddled.

The Solution

To nullify the effects of the reverberant surfaces we installed Barrisol’s stretched systems in the community pool, and Autex APA to the larger competition pool.

The systems, capable of over 90% absorption of sound, have the added benefit of being non hygroscopic – preventing the panels from moulding.

The Result

The stretched systems, covering a large combined surface area, significantly reduced the reverberation time in both pools, creating a safe and comfortable environment for staff and swimmers.

Project Details


Swimming Pool, Leisure Centre


Barrisol Stretched Systems, Autex APA


High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire


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