Project Description

The Problem

A popular Fish & Chip shop and restaurant, Whiteheads had no sound absorption before Resonics was contacted.

With hard wood flooring and plasterboarding making up the surface finishes in the space, the echo in the space was contributing to already high decibel levels and creating a noisy and harsh environment. The owners also wanted to revamp the dining area visually where possible.

The Solution

We focused on the ceiling areas to tackle the bulk of the acoustic issues, installing Ecophon Solo Circles directly to the ceiling. These heavyweight absorbers do an excellent job at absorbing excess reverberation in any space.

The client wanted the solution to incorporate a natural feel to the restaurant, to achieve this we recommended the use of timber wall panelling to add softness to the dining area. With an absorbent felt backing, these panels also contribute to the acoustics within the space.

The Result

The client has been thrilled with the vast improvement in the restaurant’s sound environment, with customers remarking on the auditory comfort the solution has provided in what was a harsh acoustic space.

Project Details




Lignosi Eco-Sound

Ecophon Solo Circles



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