Project Description

Urben are a unique company who make all-in-one video conferencing and AV/Meeting room solutions which combine world class hardware and software in a single package.

Their systems include all the technology required, and a pre-fabricated supporting frame which can be fully customised to suit preferred brands or technology. Urben enables businesses to keep their competitive edge at any distance; reducing costs and minimizing disruptions. More than ever, effective virtual communication is crucial to the success of modern organisations.

At their head office in St Albans, Urben have installed a comprehensive demo suite comprising of a range of their latest systems and technology.

Without proper acoustic treatment, even the latest and greatest technology can suffer from poor audio quality. Rooms which have issues with echo and reverberation can cause audio to be compromised, thus affecting the efficiency of the meeting.

Resonics specialise in treating AV/VC and meeting room spaces for acoustic issues to ensure crisp and clean audio on both ends of the call.

A variety of products and systems were installed by our team in the Urben Demo Suite, including acoustic wall panelling, rafts, baffles and complete acoustic ceiling solutions. Custom etched Autex panels, Timber acoustic panels and

The combination of wall and ceiling systems allows for effective acoustic absorption which removes excess echo and reverberation within the office. These products drastically improve the acoustic comfort, whilst contributing to improved productivity in the spaces.

For a virtual tour of the demo suite visit Urben’s website.

Project Details

Room Type

AV/VC Rooms


Autex Frontier Raft

Autex Etch

Ecophon Solo

Lignosi Timber Panels


London, United Kingdom

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