Project Details

The Problem

When we visited a boardroom at Uber’s London office to complete an acoustic survey one thing was apparent – there were lots of hard surfaces. Staff using the room were finding that speech intelligibility was poor and the use of the video conferencing technology was being compromised. With a plethora of hard surfaces in the room and nothing to absorb soundwaves, the room was suffering from high reverberation which created a harsh sound environment.

The Solution

We designed and installed a Fabric Wall solution across two of the walls in the boardroom. Using a 50mm acoustic core covered with a wool based acoustically breathable fabric, the walls were designed to absorb up to 90% of sound – this would significantly reduce the amount of sound rebounding around the room.

The Result

The final result was a sleek, design-led solution that made a massive impact on the sound environment in the room. The fabric walls themselves were custom built so that technology and fittings were incorporated in a seamless effect. Most importantly, the technology in the room that was in regular use, was no longer being compromised by the echo and sound reverberation. Conference calls and meetings were clearer and the acoustic environment more pleasant.

Room Type: Office / Meeting-room / AV-VC Room

Products: Fabric Wall

Location: London, United Kingdom

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