Project Details

The Problem

This once abandoned building has been transformed by The Trampery into a highly stylised event space with an industrial touch.

Resonics was contacted by The Trampery to design an acoustic solution that would negate the hard surfaces that were creating an uncomfortable acoustic environment in The Ballroom – The Trampery’s flagship event space with a capacity of over 200.

With a combination of plasterboard and concrete walls, windows, a concrete ceiling and nylon flooring, The Ballroom was a lively acoustic environment.

Designed as a multi-use space – from small dinners and ceremonies – to large conferences and workshops, the space needed significant amounts of absorption to create auditory comfort for its many users.

The Solution

We installed 36 Class A acoustic absorbers without disrupting the busy services ceiling that is vital to the operation of the space.

Our before and after acoustic assessment of the space revealed that the original reverberation time of 3.1 seconds was reduced to 0.97 seconds. A significant reduction in acoustic terms.

London based designers Bad Marriage, who previously contributed original artwork to The Ballroom, decorated the panels by hand, drawing inspiration from Dazzle Camouflage war ships.

The Result

The inclusion of around 40 square metres of Class A acoustic absorbers effectively negatived the collection of highly noise-reverberant surfaces in The Ballroom.

A short reverberation time is vital for auditory clarity, speech intelligibility and general comfort. The acoustic environment of The Ballroom will now be a comfortable space for its many users.

The artwork from Bad Marriage has complemented well the existing artwork installations in the space.

Room Type: Hall

Products: Ecophon Art Panels

Location: Bank, London

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