Project Details

The Problem

A bustling-multi-use space for students, this dining room and meeting area was acoustically uncomfortable with its highly reverberant surfaces.

Floor to ceiling windows and floorboards was propelling conversational noise in the dining room around the busy space. Staff and students were complaining of severe auditory comfort when using the room before our intervention.

The Solution

Our calculations deemed that the space needed over 30 m2 of absorption to create a comfortable sound level in the space.

To achieve this, we installed over 30 circular acoustic rafts from Ecophon. We custom printed the panels to match the pre-existing colour scheme in the space.

The Result

Students and staff have reported back that the space is now conducive to ease of conversation and general comfort – even with a dense concentration of students in the space.

Room Type: School / Classroom

Products: Ecophon ‘Solo’ Circle

Location: Egham, Surrey

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