Project Description

The Problem

There are no places more synonymous with the need for minimal noise than a library; yet this doesn’t mean that libraries do not require acoustic treatments. Any disturbance to the quiet environment of a library, such as a loud, sudden noise, can permeate through the whole space, causing significant disruption to its users. When Resonics was contacted by Southsea Library it was imperative to provide an ad hoc solution to the library’s unique space in order to muffle any unwanted noises.

The Solution

A combination of high performance acoustic products were installed in the correct placement and quantity. These included Texaa rafts, ceiling clouds and solo panels.

The Result

Resonics achieved the perfect sound environment with an ideal reverberation time for the library’s large space. The arrangement of the hanging panels complimented the unique layout of the library and provided good cover for the exposed surfaces ceiling.

Project Details




Texaa Stereo hanging panels, Ecophon Solo circle hanging panels


Southsea, Portsmouth


Southsea Library

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