Project Details

The Problem

Shackleford village hall in Surrey was suffering from an echo problem that was making the space difficult to use.

A pitched roof, hard plasterboard surfaces and the space’s multi-use purpose (with noise-intensive activities) was making the space hard to use.

The Solution

We installed Class A absorbers from Ecophon to the hall’s ceiling, in between its structural beams.

With prominent and plentiful windows on the walls, the roof was the best option to add absorption.

The Result

Feedback has been positive – with users commenting on the reduction in echo and the ability of the space to be used for its multi-purpose intent.

Room Type: Village Hall

Products: Ecophon Solo Rectangle

Location: Shackleford, Surrey

The guys did an excellent job yesterday, very clean and tidy, and the panels look great – that is to say even less visible than we thought!”
Richard, Shackleford Hall

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