Project Details

The Problem

Savill’s offices in Sevenoaks, Kent, are typical of a  modern working space. The open plan area incorporated work stations, break-out spaces and partitioned meeting rooms.

Without absorption or adequate soundproofed partitioning, the acoustic environment before our intervention was poor.

Echoes in the space were adding to an already uncomfortable;e ambient noise level – creating interference between each office space – compromising their intended uses.

The Solution

Without the scope for proper partitioning – the solution’s aim was to dampen disruptive environmental noise across the open plan office.

Suspended Class A absorbers were placed strategically throughout the office – to ensure conversational and work station noise was dampened at their points of creation.

High performance acoustic wall panelling added extra absorption in meeting rooms and at work stations – where noise levels were the highest.

The Result

The result was a significant decrease in the disruptive environmental noises created in each of the offices designated spaces.

With less ambient noise, there isn’t the capacity for disruptive noise to transfer between the spaces. Employees have reported that speech intelligibility ,privacy and auditory comfort have all improved significantly.

Room Type: Office / Open-plan Office

Products: Ecophon Akusto Ecophon Solo ‘Circle’ 

Location: Sevenoaks, Kent

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