Project Details

The Problem

Low ceilings can compound noise and create an uncomfortable and clamorous acoustic environment. Resonics was contacted by international software company SAS to provide acoustic solutions to its open plan office. The sound environment in the office was being impacted by a low ceiling, reverberant exposed windows and open plan office design.

The Solution

We installed a combination of Class A acoustic absorbers to the office’s ceiling and acoustic fabric panels to the walls. The combination negated the low ceiling, while targeting any reflection echoes created by the office’s walls.

The Result

Our use of fabrics to match the existing office partitions meant our wall panels blended seamlessly into the office. The patterned hanging ceiling panels broke up the otherwise plain ceiling.

The high density of acoustic materials created a comfortable acoustic environment for worker comfort and easy communication.

Room Type: Open-plan office

Location: Marlow, Buckinghamshire

Products: Fabric Wall /Ecophon Solo Rectangle 

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