The Problem

Glass doors, a hard plasterboard ceiling combined with a such small space with a dense seating arrangements for customers, this small bar was experiencing a harsh acoustic environment when busy.

The Solution

We installed high density glasswool panels to the bar’s ceiling for some needed absorption in the small area.

The white frost finish was decided to blend into the existing decor, and the panels themselves were placed around essential ceiling services so as not to impede.

The Result

Feedback from staff and customers has been unanimously positive. Customers have reported a much more comfortable environment, with ease of conversation being regularly reported.

Room Type: Restaurants

Products: Ecophon Solo Rectangle

Location: Weybridge, Surrey

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“We have received lots of positive feedback from customers about the improvements since the work had been done which is great. Please say a big thank to the installation team , they were both very polite & professional & did a great job.”

Eric, Red Bar