Project Description

Residential acoustics are commonly overlooked when considering the comfort and feel of a living space. Adding acoustic treatment to areas with multiple uses, such as an entertainment, relaxation and a music room, can make a significant improvement to the noise environment in the space.

We used 12mm Autex Cube on the walls in

The installation reduced the reverberation time of the room from over 2 seconds, to 0.5 seconds.

Acoustic additions often complement commercial properties and can add an interesting element. For domestic properties, however, the average acoustic installation involving sticking a series of carton-egg like panels onto a few walls in your home can be seriously ugly. They can also look frightfully out of place.

This project shows how Cube can be used to create warmth in a living space, add a textural element and of course, fix acoustic issues.

The owners have been thrilled with the installation, remarking on the improvement of sound in the room, the way it has blended visually into the space and the warmth it has added to their living space.

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