Project Details

The Problem

Tall ceilings, when matched with acoustic diffusers, can be an acoustical gift. In the case of Plough Way Cafe in London, the tall ceiling had no counterpart diffusers or absorptive materials, owing to its minimalist, modern aesthetic.

The result was an uncomfortable acoustic environment for diners, with an uncomfortable echo permeating the space.

The Solution

To match the vaulted ceiling, we installed sound absorbing panels at the same angles presented by the ceiling. The panels provided the right level of absorption, negating the reverberant glass and plasterboard surfaces in the cafe.

Additionally, we hand cut the panels to incorporate essential ceiling services such as air conditioning units. This prevented breaking up the aesthetic of the panels with exposed metallic services.

The Result

A fully customised acoustic system, providing acoustic comfort for diners.

Room Type: Restaurants

Products: Ecophon Solo Circle

Location: Rotherhithe, London

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