Project Description

The Problem

Upon realising the importance of video production to its business, this market research company contacted Resonics to create a soundproofed green screen room for its London offices. Imperative was the need for the room’s acoustic solution to provide a chroma key green backdrop to facilitate post production techniques. It was also vital that noise during production would be confined to the room in order to prevent disruption to surrounding work environments.

The Solution

Resonics installed a combination of chroma key green fabric screens and acoustic fabric screens in the recording studio. Additionally, Ecophon white wall panels were installed on the room’s additional walls and to the ceiling of an adjoining phone booth. Resonics also supplied and installed acoustic door seals to the phone booth.

The Result

The installation created a fully soundproofed phone booth and video recording studio, complete with a chroma key green screen fabric system, enabling post production video editing. The result was an acoustically sound video production studio, soundproofed to prevent noise disrupting surrounding offices.

Project Details


Video Recording Studio


Acoustic door seals, FabricWall





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