The Problem

The refectory at Jaguar Landrover’s head offices was a hard acoustic environment before our installation.

The exposed services ceiling and plasterboard walling meant noise made by workers on their breaks was bouncing around the space, contributing to a lengthy reverberation time and making it uncomfortable for workers trying to enjoy their meals.

The Solution

We installed Class A acoustic absorbers from Ecophon to the ceiling of the refectory. The Solo Circle, with less surface area than other Solo products, meant we were able to place the absorbers around essential ceiling services.

The Result

Feedback has been positive, with workers at the offices reporting that the refectory is now a much more comfortable place to have their meals, and enjoy their break.

Room Type: Restaurants

Products: Ecophon Solo Circle

Location: Whitley, Coventry

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“The guys on Saturday have done a good job. Clean tidy and professional”

Simon, Jaguar, Landrover