Project Description

The Problem

An open plan office is great for collaboration, but not always for good acoustics. With a high concentration of workers and little to no segregation, the privacy of workers at HSBC’s offices in Central London was being compromised.

The Solution

We installed a series of suspended feature walls comprised of acoustic absorbers from Abstracta. The panels formed partitions between workers’ desks, reducing sound transfer between blocks of workers, as well as absorbing additional environmental noise.

The angles of the panels formed acoustic diffusors, scattering soundwaves and breaking their uniformity – making the sound environment just that bit more comfortable.

The Result

The installation of stylish acoustic absorbers and diffusors from Abstracta not only helped absorb unwanted environmental noise, but formed office partitions with a dual purpose.

The result is a better sound environment for the office’s workers – assisting worker privacy and speech intelligibility. The panels have added a welcome textural element to the space, as well.

Project Details


Office, Open-plan Office


Abstracta Aircone


Canada Square, London


HSBC black and white logo


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