Project Details

The Problem

These newly built meeting rooms at HSBC’s Canary Wharf offices needed to be optimised for acoustics. Bare concrete walls were creating an uncomfortable echo in the rooms.

Most importantly, the acoustics needed to be resolved to allow for the use of audio-visual equipment.

The Solution

To optimise the acoustics for the use of AV equipment, it was important to reduce the echo in the space to well below one second.

We achieved this using a combination of Offecct wall panels – perfect for absorbing environmental noise; and high performance ceiling panels from Ecophon.

The Result

The acoustic panels reduced the reverberation time to well below one second – facilitating the use of the rooms’ audio-visual equipment.

The textured wall panels from Offecct added an aesthetic element to the otherwise minimalist environment.

Room Type: Meeting-Rooms / AV-VD Rooms /Offices

Products: Offecct Soundwave Panels / Ecophon Solo Baffles

Location: London, United Kingdom

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