The Problem

Part  of a new office build, Google wanted to consider the acoustics in this meeting room from the outset. A small room that could still hold a large team, Google was seeking any additional sound absorption in the room that contributed to a comfortable sound environment and which complemented the industrial aesthetics of the room

The Solution

The meeting room had a pre-existing wall structure made of timber joists and OSB chipboard. The acoustic solution provided had to be bespoke and not take up any unnecessary space in the small room.

We filled the spaces between the joists with an acoustic foam core, covered by a Vescom Lani fabric. Additional absorption was provided by Class A acoustic acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling.

The Result

The result was an eye-catching feature wall that utilised what little space the room offered.

The solution offered supreme levels of sound absorption, but also fulfilled a design brief by matching the industrial, unfinished appearance of the room.

Room Type: Office / Meeting-room

Products:  Fabric Wall

Location: London

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