Project Description

The Problem

Glaziers Hall is a corporate and private event space inside a 19th century warehouse located alongside the Thames at London Bridge, offering stunning views. Resonics was contacted to treat the ‘River Room’ inside the hall – with low-lying views of the Thames through five floor-to-ceiling glazed arches. Glass, however, is a highly sound-reverberant surface and there was a harsh echo within the space, compounded by the simple ‘boxed’ design of the hall.

Hosting between 100 and 200 people at any one time, it was imperative that guests in this room were able to hold comfortable conversations around high levels of noise.

The Solution

Our solution could not impeded the room’s main feature –  the view of the Thames. We used Class A acoustic absorbers suspended from the ceiling along the length of the hall.

Ten Ecophon Master Solo Rectangle hanging acoustic panels were used, offering the best in sound absorption currently on the market.

The Result

The solution offered as much sound absorption within the room as possible within the limited space. Using Class A absorptive materials meant that additional panels were not needed on surfaces that could disrupt room users – such as the walls and glass arches.

Project Details




Ecophon Solo Rectangle



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