Project Details

The Problem

A bustling Mediterranean restaurant in Kent with an open plan design and dominated by hard plasterboard surfaces – Ephesus’ customers were complaining of uncomfortable noise levels.

The restaurant’s layout, number of covers and reverberant surfaces, were combining to create a lenghty reverberation time and a clamorous acoustic environment.

The Solution

We installed Class A acoustic absorbers from Ecophon to the restaurant’s ceiling, avoiding the busy and ornate walls. The panels absorb up to 90% of sound, are visually discreet and blend into the frost white colour of the restaurant.

The Result

We achieved a reverberation time of under two seconds – comfortable in acoustic terms and conducive to comfortable conversations for diners, without the straining of voices.

Room Type: Restaurants

Products: Ecophon Solo Square

Location: Orpington, Kent

ephesus restaurant logo


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