Project Description

Resonics undertook an acoustic panel installation at Downing Place Church in Cambridge, addressing the unique challenges of improving acoustics in a historical and multifunctional space. The project aimed to enhance speech intelligibility and music quality for various church activities, from regular services to community events.

Resonics collaborated closely with church leaders to understand their specific needs and aesthetic considerations, ensuring that the acoustic solutions blended seamlessly with the church’s historic architecture. The installation involved strategically placing high-performance acoustic panels on the walls and ceilings to absorb sound, reduce reverberation, and control echoes.

The choice of materials was crucial; the panels used were not only effective in sound absorption but complementing the church’s interior design. The installation process was carefully managed to minimize disruption to the church’s daily operations and preserve the integrity of the building. A combination of white fabric wrapped panels and Ecophon Solo Rafts were installed throughout.

Post-installation, the impact was immediately noticeable. The church reported a significant improvement in the clarity of spoken words and the quality of the music during services. The congregation’s feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many noting a more enjoyable and engaging experience.

This case study exemplifies how Resonics can effectively enhance acoustic environments in challenging and sensitive spaces, demonstrating their expertise and commitment to quality in acoustic panel installations.

Project Details

Room Type



FabricWall 25mm

Ecophon Solo



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