Project Details

The Problem

As part of a large refurbishment of this academy in Suffolk, Resonics was contracted to provide acoustic solutions for a number of areas – including a large circulation space. The large corridor was a bustling space of movement – with students congregating and moving between the sports hall, refectory, auditorium and cafeteria. The sheer number of people moving through the circulation space was making it an acoustically poor environment.

The Solution

As if often the case, the corridor’s tall ceiling was one of the main contributors to the reverberant space. Therefore, it was essential to tackle this surface. We installed Class A acoustic baffles in high density to the ceiling, making it an almost wholly absorptive surface.

We tackled side wall reflections, made worse by windows, using fabric wrapped Class A acoustic panels – scattering them along the side walls.

The Result

Students and staff have reported back that the space is now conducive to ease of conversation and general comfort – even with a dense concentration of students in the space.

Room Type: School Acoustics / Circulation Acoustics

Products: Ecophon ‘Solo’ Acoustic Baffles /
Fabric Wall Acoustic Panels

Location: Ipswich, Suffolkchantry academy logo

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