The Problem

A high, pitched roof made of steel combined with sleek floorboards meant that noise was being propelled around small college Cafe in Inverness, Scotland.

The Solution

It was essential to negate the hard ceiling, which was creating the harsh echo in the space.

To do so we installed over 40 Class A acoustic panels to the ceiling in the cafe.

The Result

The cafe’s users have reported that the echo that existed is now all but gone and it is a much more comfortable space.

Room Type: Meeting Rooms

Products: Ecophon Solo Square

Location: Inverness, Scotland

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“I’ve just come down from the café and the panels look great and more importantly, the echo which was a feature of the room has gone. Work was done efficiently and the guys were tidy and quiet. Overall, a great job with which we are very pleased.”

Ian, Cantraybridge College