Project Details

The Problem

This upmarket French restaurant was receiving consistent complaints from diners about excessive noise in the restaurant, which features a unique large, dome-shaped attached dining area. Beautiful, yet highly noise reflective woodwork decorating the ornate ceiling was compounding the already imperfect sound environment in the large dome. Resonics was contacted to reduce the reverberation time of the room and restore auditory comfort for diners.

The Solution

It was vital that final the solution did not interfere with the existing aesthetic of the room, namely, the ornate ceiling. Resonics, therefore, created a stretched fabric acoustic wall system across the plasterboard section of the room’s walls.

The Result

The result was a significant reduction in the reverberation time of the dining room and overwhelmingly positive feedback from diners. The inclusion of acoustic Fabric Wall at an elevated height, and at the height of the diner, means conversation noise is absorbed soon after being spoken, and any additional noise can be absorbed before reaching the reverberant ceiling. Resonics chose a grey hue of the Kvadrat Divina 3 fabric for the solution to remain subtle in the decorated room.

Room Type: Restaurant

Products: Fabric Wall

Location: Beaconsfield

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