Project Description

The Problem

Resonics was contacted by French Bank BNP to provide an acoustic solution to its telepresence, auditoirum room at its London headquarters. The project posed a number of challenges:

  • Reverberation time is of particular importance to conferencing rooms with AV equipment, with guidelines outlined by networking authority CISCO deeming a reverberation time of below 0.5 seconds to be ideal for teleconferencing rooms.
  • It is important for multiple teleconference rooms to be consistent in colour, design and acoustics to provide clients with the same experience across multiple calls.

The Solution

Using a combination of stretched acoustic Fabric Wall and Ecophon Focus DS Rafts, Resonics installed a uniform wall to wall, floor to ceiling acoustic solution across the rooms.

The Result

The result met all the criteria for an ideal teleconferencing environment. The combination of stretched Fabric Wall and raft acoustic solutions achieved a reverberation time below 0.5 seconds, while providing visual consistency across the rooms.

Project Details


AV/VC Room, Auditorium


FabricWall, Ecophon Focus DS



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