Project Description

The Problem

The workshop is possibly one of the noisiest spaces imaginable in a school. Noise generated from heavy machinery and other noise from workspaces can be detrimental to concentration and auditory health.
This workshop at the The Bartlett School Of Architecture was experiencing this very issue due to the hard, reflective surfaces in the area. Imperative was the need to get the reverberation time in the space down below the BB93 standard of 0.8 seconds, and isolating sound that was being transferred between the partitioned spaces.

The Solution

With a services ceiling and busy walls, acoustics were a tight squeeze in this place, particularly with the number of absorptive surfaces needed to be added. Ecophon Solo Baffles were installed on the ceiling, with modifications made to fit around the various horizontally running supportive beams.

Impact resistant sound absorbing wall panels were also installed to reduce noise transfer and disruption between the partitioned work spaces.

The Result

An acoustic solution that fit a busy space with many obstacles. The reverberation time was reduced to meet BB93 guidelines, helping the auditory comfort of students and teachers in the space.

Project Details


School, Workshop


Ecophon Solo Baffles, Ecophon Super G


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