The Problem

Anoto is a digital writing solutions company, with UK offices based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Anoto contacted Resonics to help resolve the harsh acoustic environment in its meeting room.

With glass partitioning and windowed walls, noise was propelled around the space, creating an uncomfortable echo.

The Solution

The meeting room was used for both in-house meetings and for telepresence conferencing, therefore a comfortable aural environment was needed for proper audio-visual conferencing.

To achieve this we installed Class A acoustic absorbers from Ecophon to the meeting room’s ceiling.

The Result

The feedback from Anoto workers has been a marked improvement in the room’s acoustics and its operations as a meeting and conferencing space.

Room Type: Meeting Rooms

Products: Ecophon Solo Circle

Forge Glass

Location: Basingstoke, Hampshire

anoto logo

“All went well and acoustics are greatly improved!”

James, Anoto

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