Project Details

The Problem

With 35 phone operators and poor acoustic design, this call centre for housing group Affinity Sutton was an uncomfortable work space before Resonics was contacted.

With customers routinely complaining about poor call clarity and speech intelligibility, it was clear that the acoustics in this space needed to be resolved.

The Solution

We had to incorporate our solution into the space without disturbing a long feature wall in the contact centre.

We isolated the ceiling and adjacent alcove walling as areas that could incorporate acoustic treatment and would provide sufficient space to add enough sound absorption.

Using wall and ceiling products from Ecophon, we installed a solution that was discreet and ultimately, very effective.

The Result

An independent acoustic assessor was brought into the office to conduct logarithmic testing of the acoustic environment before and after our solution.

The results were even better than anticipated. Our installation led to a significant decibel reduction of 11.8 dB.

A detailed assessment of this project can be found here.

Room Type: Open-Plan Office

Products: Ecophon ‘Solo’ Square  / Ecophon Akusto 

Location: Bromley, Kentaffinity sutton logo

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