Project Description

Resonics were contracted to install a suite of Autex, FabricWall and SilentSpace products thoughout the office areas and meeting rooms of this office in Crown court. The spaces featured open hard roofing, glass and solid wall surfaces causing excessive reverberation through the office and poor meeting quality. They also wanted to add unique aesthetic features to the space.

FabricWall was combined with SilentSpace ceiling rafts to treat reverberation issues in the meeting rooms. Our experienced team of installers worked around existing services on site, including accessibility for the services above and modifying panels on site to ensure correct fitment throughout.

In the open ceiling areas, more absorbing products were required. Autex Frontier Axis, grid style hanging panels were chosen to perform the grunt of the absorption work within larger areas through the office.

Project Details

Room Type


Meeting Rooms


Autex Frontier Axis

FabricWall 25mm

SilentSpace Rafts


London, United Kingdom

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