Open Plan Offices

Stevens and Bolton, Guildford

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Project Description Resonics were contracted by Dentons Associates to undertake a complete acoustic treatment project at Stevens and Boltons new office in Guildford. The project require us to install a suite of Autex, FabricWall, Lignosi Timber wall panelling behind tv walls, Arktura and SilentSpace products thoughout the office areas, meeting rooms and atriums. The spaces featured open hard roofing, glass and solid wall surfaces causing excessive [...]

Elastic Office, London

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Project Description Resonics installed a comprehensive acoustic solution during an interior refurbishment of the Elastic office in London. A range of Autex products were used. Autex Cube panel is a lightweight acoustic performer that ships as a semi-rigid acoustic panel, but which can also be custom cut to meet an array of design and aesthetic demands. For this project the panels were custom cut into diamonds, and the Elastic brand was [...]

Citywire Studios, London

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Project Description Citywire produce informational articles and insights for consumers in the financial market spaces. Resonics worked with interior fitout company Re-Space on the acoustic elements of this complete office refurbishment in South East London. With hard concrete floors, high industrial ceilings and lots of big open spaces, the challenge was designing an effective acoustic solution that also met the design requirements of the project. Working with designs [...]

Cundall Office, Birmingham

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[/fusion_text] Project Description Reflecting on a successful installation at Cundall of both 14six 8 HIVE, our modular suspended acoustic ceiling system and DNA, interlinking acoustic pieces which act as a centre piece down the staircase and a main feature of the space. 14six8 are designers of innovative acoustic and environmentally sustainable office solutions. All 14six8 products contain a minimum of 45% post-consumer recycled material Cundalls Birmingham office has achieved [...]

UK Engineering Company, Birmingham

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Project Description A refurbishment at the Birmingham offices of this Engineering Consultant called for acoustic treatment. A large open-plan space and various break out spaces required sound absorbing materials to deaden the environmental noise and create a more productive and effective work environment. We custom cut the versatile Cube panel from Autex and formed it into its own unique acoustic baffle. The finished product is a three-dimensional ceiling [...]

London Law Firm

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Project Description This major law firm in London recently underwent a major refurbishment. Resonics was called in to provide a comprehensive acoustic solution across its meeting rooms, open-plan spaces and break-out areas. A combination of Autex Quietspace 3D panels and a bespoke ceiling made from Autex Cube were used throughout the space. As well as creating a quieter space, the wall panels added an extra textural element [...]

Adobe, London

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Project Description As part of the refurb of Adobe's London offices, Resonics was called in to provide acoustic solutions to the meeting rooms and open-plan spaces within the office. As per the project brief, the acoustics had to be versatile, vibrant and punchy, acting as room features rather than discreet panelling. To achieve this we used Autex's Cube panelling, a highly versatile, made-to-cut panel, which can [...]

DFID, London

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Project Details The Problem The DFID is a busy Governmental department with a offices in beautiful Whitehall, Central London. The breakout space and cafeteria for the building consist of lofty ceilings, glass partitioning and tall windows, a potent mix for an acoustically poor environment. Add to that the high levels of activity noise from conversation and groups enjoying their lunch breaks and you have an uncomfortable sound environment [...]

HSBC, London

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Project Description The Problem An open plan office is great for collaboration, but not always for good acoustics. With a high concentration of workers and little to no segregation, the privacy of workers at HSBC’s offices in Central London was being compromised. The Solution We installed a series of suspended feature walls comprised of acoustic absorbers from Abstracta. The panels formed partitions between workers’ desks, reducing sound transfer between blocks of [...]

Affinity Sutton Call Centre, Kent

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Project Details The Problem With 35 phone operators and poor acoustic design, this call centre for housing group Affinity Sutton was an uncomfortable work space before Resonics was contacted. With customers routinely complaining about poor call clarity and speech intelligibility, it was clear that the acoustics in this space needed to be resolved. The Solution We had to incorporate our solution into the space without disturbing a long feature [...]