Ravensbourne University, London

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Project Description Ravensbourne University London is a digital media and design university, with vocational courses in fashion, television and broadcasting, interactive product design, architecture and environment design, graphic design, animation, moving image, music production for media and sound design. Spanning multiple levels, the university features lots of open spaces including both atrium and open classroom/study areas where there is little physical division. Sound travel was a significant issue, [...]

Stevens and Bolton, Guildford

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Project Description Resonics were contracted by Dentons Associates to undertake a complete acoustic treatment project at Stevens and Boltons new office in Guildford. The project require us to install a suite of Autex, FabricWall, Lignosi Timber wall panelling behind tv walls, Arktura and SilentSpace products thoughout the office areas, meeting rooms and atriums. The spaces featured open hard roofing, glass and solid wall surfaces causing excessive [...]

LSE Library, London

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Project Description As part of a refurbishment at the London School of Economics, Resonics installed an acoustic solution to the University's main library. The acoustic work carried out was concentrated to the library's bottom floor amongst the collaborative and group study spaces. To reduce noise transfer between spaces, as well the reduction of overall noise levels, Resonics installed a combination of acoustic wall panels and acoustic [...]

University of Westminster, London

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Project Description The Problem Areas of buildings that experience a lot of foot traffic generate high levels of noise, typically. Usually this isn’t a concern, however, when the area has a dual use, such as at The University of Westminster in London, a comfortable noise space becomes important. This atrium space at the University is used to welcome visitors, as well as a break-out area. Before treatment, the room was [...]

Chantry Academy, Ipswich

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Project Details The Problem As part of a large refurbishment of this academy in Suffolk, Resonics was contracted to provide acoustic solutions for a number of areas – including a large circulation space. The large corridor was a bustling space of movement – with students congregating and moving between the sports hall, refectory, auditorium and cafeteria. The sheer number of people moving through the circulation space was making it an [...]