Phoenix Group, Hertfordshire


The Problem Acoustics should always be a consideration for schools, particularly classrooms, to create healthy learning environments. For schools for deaf and hard of hearing students, acoustics are imperative. This classroom at Phoenix Group For Deaf Children's facilities in Hertfordshire was experiencing a clamorous sound environment, owing largely to prominent windows [...]

Darell Primary School, London


The Problem This multi-purpose school hall in Richmond, London was being used for noisy activities such as assemblies, sport, performances and other school events. Without acoustic treatments, the noisy hall was compromising some activities taking place in the hall. The Solution We installed a combination of acoustic ceiling panels and wall [...]

Cantraybridge College, Scotland


The Problem A high, pitched roof made of steel combined with sleek floorboards meant that noise was being propelled around small college Cafe in Inverness, Scotland. The Solution It was essential to negate the hard ceiling, which was creating the harsh echo in the space. To do so we installed over [...]

Edward Bryant School, Sussex


The Problem This hall at Edward Bryant School is used for multiple activities. As well as being used for sports, the space is used for exams, presentations and assemblies. It was essential that the space had comfortable acoustics to facilitate the use of the hall for a range of activities. The highly [...]

Suffolk New Academy, Ipswich


The Problem As part of a large refurbishment of this academy in Suffolk, Resonics was contracted to provide acoustic solutions for a number of areas - including a large circulation space. The large corridor was a bustling space of movement - with students congregating and moving between the sports hall, refectory, [...]

Strodes College, Egham


The Problem A bustling-multi-use space for students, this dining room and meeting area was acoustically uncomfortable with its highly reverberant surfaces. Floor to ceiling windows and floorboards was propelling conversational noise in the dining room around the busy space. Staff and students were complaining of severe auditory comfort when [...]

Goldsmiths Computer Labs, London


The Problem With a series of rooflights and plasterboard walls, the reverberation time in this student computer lab was uncomfortably long before our installation. Student density, and a quiet learning environment meant that noises made in the space were particularly disruptive to students and their learning. The Solution Key [...]

Bartlett Architecture School, London


The Problem The workshop is possibly one of the noisiest spaces imaginable in a school. Noise generated from heavy machinery and other noise from workspaces can be detrimental to concentration and auditory health. This workshop at the The Bartlett School Of Architecture was experiencing this very issue due to the hard, reflective surfaces [...]

Hotham Primary School, London


The Problem Hotham Primary School contacted Resonics to provide an acoustic solution to its sports hall following complaints of a harsh noise environment. Comprised of hard, reflective wall, ceiling and floor surfaces, the hall was experiencing a lengthy reverberation time, amplified by the noise of groups of students and [...]