Plough Way Cafe, London


The Problem Tall ceilings, when matched with acoustic diffusers, can be an acoustical gift. In the case of Plough Way Cafe in London, the tall ceiling had no counterpart diffusers or absorptive materials, owing to its minimalist, modern aesthetic. The result was an uncomfortable acoustic environment for diners, with an uncomfortable [...]

Tabure Restaurant, Hertfordshire


The Problem Wooden floorboards and close-quarters dining arrangements meant that diners at this small Turkish restaurant were exposed to poor acoustic conditions when dining. The Solution We installed Class A acoustic absorbers from Ecophon to the restaurant's ceiling. We strategically placed the panels to our calculations of the room's reverberation time and desired reverberation time. The [...]

Cantraybridge College, Scotland


The Problem A high, pitched roof made of steel combined with sleek floorboards meant that noise was being propelled around small college Cafe in Inverness, Scotland. The Solution It was essential to negate the hard ceiling, which was creating the harsh echo in the space. To do so we installed over [...]

Jaguar Landrover, Coventry


The Problem The refectory at Jaguar Landrover's head offices was a hard acoustic environment before our installation. The exposed services ceiling and plasterboard walling meant noise made by workers on their breaks was bouncing around the space, contributing to a lengthy reverberation time and making it uncomfortable for workers [...]

Red Bar, Surrey


The Problem Glass doors, a hard plasterboard ceiling combined with a such small space with a dense seating arrangements for customers, this small bar was experiencing a harsh acoustic environment when busy. The Solution We installed high density glasswool panels to the bar's ceiling for some needed absorption in the small [...]

Portland Restaurant, London


The Problem A low ceiling and plasterboard walls was creating a clamorous environment at this London restaurant. Resonics was contacted to bring reverberation time down and restore comfort for diners. The Solution We installed a combination of Class A suspended ceiling panels and a discreet acoustic fabric wall providing over [...]

Unilever, London


The Problem During our acoustic survey at the cafeteria at Unilever's London office, it was easy to see why the room had a problem with high reverberation. Being a large busy space with floor-to-ceiling hard surfaces and an open kitchen, it was no surprise that cafeteria users were complaining [...]

Ephesus Restaurant, Kent


The Problem A bustling Mediterranean restaurant in Kent with an open plan design and dominated by hard plasterboard surfaces - Ephesus' customers were complaining of uncomfortable noise levels. The restaurant's layout, number of covers and reverberant surfaces, were combining to create a lenghty reverberation time and a clamorous acoustic environment. [...]

Whyte & Brown, London


The Problem With a marble floor, exposed services ceiling and no absorptive materials, the acoustic were always going to be poor in this space. Being a busy restaurant with tables in close proximity, the Lombard Effect (increase in decibel levels due to straining of the voice) was very much [...]

Antidote Wine Bar, London


The Problem The Antidote Wine Bar in London's West End looks is very much your modern drinking establishment - intimate, ornate and cozy. As soft furnishing have gone out of fashion in bars and restaurants; sleek, modern finishes have been put in their place. The problem being that the [...]