London Bank Level 33, London


The Problem The acoustics of reception areas is often something that is overlooked. But as a first point of contact with customers and clients, an often bustling area where communication is paramount, acoustics should be at the forefront of a designer's mind when thinking about reception spaces. Resonics was contracted to [...]

Uber, London


The Problem When we visited a boardroom at Uber’s London office to complete an acoustic survey one thing was apparent – there were lots of hard surfaces. Staff using the room were finding that speech intelligibility was poor and the use of the video conferencing technology was being compromised. With a plethora [...]

SAS, Marlow


The Problem Low ceilings can compound noise and create an uncomfortable and clamorous acoustic environment. Resonics was contacted by international software company SAS to provide acoustic solutions to its open plan office. The sound environment in the office was being impacted by a low ceiling, reverberant exposed windows and open plan office design. [...]

HSBC Canary Wharf, London


The Problem These newly built meeting rooms at HSBC's Canary Wharf offices needed to be optimised for acoustics. Bare concrete walls were creating an uncomfortable echo in the rooms. Most importantly, the acoustics needed to be resolved to allow for the use of audio-visual equipment. The Solution To optimise the [...]

Global Radio, London


The Problem This break-out space at London's Global Radio offices was a harsh acoustic environment before our intervention. Hardwood floors and glass windows, was making exacerbating noise from televisions and conversations in the room, making it an uncomfortable acoustic environment for workers trying to enjoy down-time. The Solution We installed [...]

Anoto, Basingstoke


The Problem Anoto is a digital writing solutions company, with UK offices based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. Anoto contacted Resonics to help resolve the harsh acoustic environment in its meeting room. With glass partitioning and windowed walls, noise was propelled around the space, creating an uncomfortable echo. The Solution The meeting room [...]

Hogarth, London


The Problem As if often the case with open-plan offices, workers can complain of excessive noise caused by a lack of partitioning; and this case was no exception. Resonics was contacted to resolve the acoustics in this overly noisy office in central London. The Solution We installed suspended sound absorbing boards [...]

Unilever, London


The Problem During our acoustic survey at the cafeteria at Unilever's London office, it was easy to see why the room had a problem with high reverberation. Being a large busy space with floor-to-ceiling hard surfaces and an open kitchen, it was no surprise that cafeteria users were complaining [...]

Deloitte Digital, London


The Problem We are often contacted to deal with problems of excessive noise and poor speech clarity in open plan offices. The combination of a loud working environment mixed with a lack of sound absorptive surfaces in large spaces can often be acoustically problematic. Following an acoustic survey at Deloitte [...]

Vodafone HQ, Newbury


The Problem Vodafone’s huge headquarters in Newbury is a state of the art ‘campus’ that houses around 3,000 staff. When a large refurb was undertaken at one of the site’s buildings, Resonics was called in to provide a solution for the common problem of high reverberation and poor speech [...]